A Serval and Caracal - a friend for life!


special animals

I could fulfill my lifelong dream with my cats, especially Wildcats! I would to show at my webside that this are the wonderful animals in the world.

Each of my cats is unique in itself, whether it's my first Serval Gismo, which my love is, or the smallest Akiro, it comes to me every morning to the kitchen when all have been waiting and I'm greeted with huge purring!

Almost unbelievable confidence is what brings me against my Gismo and makes it so much fun to play with him, he retrieves better than my dog and football, you can also wonderful to play with him. And in the evening will be on the sofa cuddled for hours. To take a bath is his passion.

My caracal cats are also wonderful creatures. Samu is always very relaxed and there is nothing what makes him worried. When I'm at home, he follows me at every turn.

All 7 cats enjoy a 800-square-foot enclosure, have their own indoor climbing and can always come to my house when they like.


spezial qualities

Serval and Caracal cats can be educated just as tame and obedient as a dog. Going out for pee on a lead fetch, retrieving, to do agility sport and swimming. This and much more makes a Serval as a genuine all-rounder. But the beloved and valued characteristics of a cat are also available. Cuddle and play, have its own head, just be glad. That's only some of it. And also the sweet purr you will not miss with a Serval as a pet.




Januara 2015

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